Personal Development

Young People need support to
Develop & Succeed

  • Personal, Academic, and Employment Goal Setting
  • Barrier Reduction and Problem Solving
  • Healthy Habits: Life Skills
  • Healthy Emotion Management Skills
  • Financial Capabilities

Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviors (TEB)

TEB* (Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviors) is based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles.  These skills can be used to support youth anytime, anywhere.

Developed specifically to support youth, these skills work by teaching people concrete strategies to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that lead to negative emotions.

TEB strategies

  • Impact the way the brain processes emotions
  • Helps youth respond to reminders of trauma (triggers)
  • Improve sleep, concentration, daily social life, increase resiliency

The TEB curriculum is designed for youth development professionals and others who work directly with young people.

*Developed by Community Psychiatry PRIDE at Massachusetts General Hospital


People probably don’t know that when I arrived at OPP, I was shy. The workshops and opportunities helped me become a leader. I also learned how to manage my personal finances, plus OPP provided the structure, organization, and planning to help me be successful.

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