Academic Achievement

Young People need options to Learn & Progress

  • Alternative Education: Opportunity Academy – a place where students can fit in and succeed!
  • Tutoring and Homework Help
  • Post-Secondary Opportunities
  • Credentials like Phlebotomy, CNA, CNC Machinist, Guard Card, etc.
  • College Degrees

Opportunity Academy (OA)

Opportunity Academy (OA) is an alternative solution offering overaged, under-credited students support in their educational journey through student-centered, project-based learning. 

OA students learn by:

CHOOSING how they learn

  • Project based learning
  • Online/Hybrid learning
  • Blended based on your individual preference and needs

DECIDING what their assignments are about

  • Young people choose topics based on their interests, social issues and impact and current events

DISCOVERING new forms of learning through technology

  • 3D Printing
  • Multi-Media equipment
  • Media Applications
  • Software Applications

OA has a proven record for graduating overaged and under credited students and preparing them for a career and future of academic success.


There is someone there who will go above and beyond to help you. My YDS was an ongoing motivator for keeping me on track. I also learned how to persevere. Initially, my basic skills were deficient, and it took a lot of discipline and work to get me to where I am academically.

- Jairo

OA At a Glance

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