Corona Virus Update

APRIL 2021 Update,

Dear OPP Community:

We continue to take direction from the CDC and State of Connecticut and are currently providing hybrid services. OPPortunity Academy will continue to follow the COVID-19 regulations set by Hartford Public Schools.

Kindest wishes to you for peace, health and safety during this crisis.

Your OPP Family

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To reach us, please contact us by email  and continue using our office number 860.761.7300.

Remember, OPP continues to serve youth, however we ask you schedule an appointment before heading to our office.


Our Piece of the Pie®, Inc. (OPP®) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth with the key competencies needed to overcome barriers and succeed in education and employment.

3 Pillars of Success


Our Youth Development programs are centered around working individually to support youth when problems arise in order to build competencies to demonstrate healthy habits and connections to the community.


OPP's comprehensive education services include access to our in-house diploma-granting program, with support designed to help build successful strategies to insure success in the journey through high school all while preparing students for their future educational endeavors.


Our Workforce Readiness programs work with our young people to help them succeed in their current and prepare for their future careers. These programs include access to service learning programs, career competencies trainings, and financial capability.

Success Stories

Success Stories