3 Pillars of Success

Youth Development
With the help of their Youth Development Specialist, youth define & attain goals, remove barriers to success, access personal supports, and find their path to economic independence.
OPP offers an innovative school model for disconnected students, as well as the tutoring supports and college prep activities to help not only graduate high school, but make college dreams a reality.
Workforce Readiness
OPP offers several programs to set youth on a path towards a meaningful career--from key pre-work training to career exploration to finding & maintaining employment.

Success Stories

Terrance Roy, Jr.

Terrance is soft-spoken but holds himself with a quiet confidence. That confidence was hard-won. When Terrance was 14, his family lost their home to domestic violence. His mother brought Terrance, his sisters and brother from Bridgeport to New London, where room could be found in a shelter. read more…

Kasmaine Clarke

Kasmaine has bright eyes, a winning smile and a Jamaican lilt in her voice. When she was 3, her grandmother became ill. Little Kasmaine took care of her and made her tea. Though she was a little girl, Kasmaine knew then she wanted to be a nurse. But even with a goal, the road hasn’t been easy. read more...

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