Spotlight On Success: Domminique

Domminique O., 23, is one of the leaders of the Hartford Youth Service Corps. We have been able to see the transition of a shy, not so confident youth to an engaging and very dedicated person. Domminique is one of the hardest workers and most versatile in the HYSC. He started at OPP with the Workforce program, which helped him gain some real-world experience in some fields he might flourish. Since moving into the HYSC group, he has been working in the community doing a multitude of different projects, such as landscaping in residential settings or at a park, or rebuilding traffic islands in the middle of the city. In this program he has been able to capture his potential and become an instant leader in our group. He is gaining experience and His YDS, Phil Starks said, “I see him as an entrepreneur, becoming an owner of his own business, either in landscaping or construction. There are no limits to his success. He will be a Youth Ambassador next year giving him the opportunity to refine his skills as he continues to excel.”

Spotlight on Success: Kamala

Kamala, 17, is about to start her freshmen year at UCONN to study nursing. Throughout this program, she has been extremely committed and viewed as one of the most consistent members of the Hartford Youth Service Corps since joining in July of 2017. Being a recent graduate from the Capital Community College Magnet Academy, she exudes intelligence and is eager to share her knowledge with the community around her. She lives at home with her parents and two siblings. Working with the YDS as well as her school guidance counselor/mentor, she has gained a lot of valuable skills to help her not only progress her job readiness, but also develop as a person. Kamala is known for her outgoing personality and go getter attitude. She’s worked at St. Augustine Church helping to clean-up on weekends, as well as pitching in time at the Montessori School helping the teachers and monitoring the safety of the students. She is a hands-on leader in any group setting and has the ability to rise up and lead her peers to a goal. Kamala sees a lot of value in the HYSC program, even introducing her brother to the program. Her YDS, Tashana Mullings had this to say about her, “She can do absolutely anything she puts her mind to. She is capable of so many different things, the sky is the limit. All she needs to do is keep persisting and pushing!”

Spotlight On Success: Keyara

Keyara, 17, is known as one of the most driven and dependable youth in the Hartford Youth Service Corps. Since starting in July of 2017, Keyara has grown tremendously. She has worked with Hartford Communities that Care, Elizabeth Park and the Boys and Girls Club, as well as working with St. Augustine Church during the weekend cleaning sessions. Keyara is known as one of the friendliest persons in the program. She is always ready to chat with someone and she is not afraid to tell people the truth. With the help of her YDS and everyone in the program, Keyara has come a long way. She has improved significantly not only as a person, but also as a worker. Keyara lives at home with her supportive mom, stepdad, and brother. Her perseverance is one of the best traits about her, she showed this by recently earning a job after a long time of applying. Her YDS, Eboni Clark had this to say when reflecting on Keyara, “She has the leadership abilities to become extremely successful. If she stays on the same track and keeps on being as driven and motivated, she will be able to tap into the true leadership potential she has.”