Spotlight On Success: Domminique

Domminique O., 23, is one of the leaders of the Hartford Youth Service Corps. We have been able to see the transition of a shy, not so confident youth to an engaging and very dedicated person. Domminique is one of the hardest workers and most versatile in the HYSC. He started at OPP with the Workforce program, which helped him gain some real-world experience in some fields he might flourish. Since moving into the HYSC group, he has been working in the community doing a multitude of different projects, such as landscaping in residential settings or at a park, or rebuilding traffic islands in the middle of the city. In this program he has been able to capture his potential and become an instant leader in our group. He is gaining experience and His YDS, Phil Starks said, “I see him as an entrepreneur, becoming an owner of his own business, either in landscaping or construction. There are no limits to his success. He will be a Youth Ambassador next year giving him the opportunity to refine his skills as he continues to excel.”