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Our Piece of the Pie serves almost 1,800 youth every year through the different programs offered. The youth-centric model allows OPP to be one of the most successful nonprofits in Connecticut.

School Programs

These programs look to engage different youth from the Hartford and Eastern CT regions. In addition to the two schools that help young people achieve their High School diploma or equivalent, OPP provides many services including training in: Leadership, Life Skills, and Financial Literacy. Tutoring services and access to training for post-secondary degrees are also important to youth success plans.

OPPortunity Academy (Hartford)

The mission of OPPortunity Academy Hartford is to re-engage over-age, under-credited students in education, supporting them through mastery of the critical skills necessary for success in college, career, and community.

Learning Academy of Bloomfield (LAB) (Hartford)

LAB combines the unique characteristics of Our Piece of the Pie’s college and career readiness mission and proven action plan with the academic requirements of Bloomfield Public Schools in a school/work setting that functions as a high-quality blended learning environment with the real-world requirements of a job and career.

Community Programs

OPP’s community programs work to help youth transition to being independent adults in the community. Youth are given the opportunity to engage in meaningful projects to help better their own communities, while bettering themselves.

Youth Business (Hartford and Eastern CT)

Students, ages 14-17, participate in classroom-based programs that allow their creativity alongside the development of new skills, including job-readiness skills.

Pathways to Careers (Hartford)

The Pathways to Careers Initiative is an innovative postsecondary-to-career pipeline and a viable response to the labor market’s demand for skilled workers. OPP partners with credentialed programs to provide students with the skills that they will need to make themselves competitive in emerging industries. Our current industries or ‘Pathways’ include: Advanced Manufacturing, Allied Health, Culinary, and Transportation & Logistics.

Hartford Youth Service Corps (Hartford)

According to Hartford’s Mayor Bronin, “the single most powerful tool for building a better future for Hartford is to help give Hartford’s young people opportunities for meaningful employment.” The Youth Service Corps (YSC) gives youth a meaningful way to work and serve, while earning a wage.

Work 2 Learn (Hartford and Eastern CT)

Work 2 Learn empowers DCF youth age 15-21. Work 2 Learn provides service in the Greater Hartford and Eastern Connecticut communities. Youth are provided with support and an individualized long-term plan with short-term outcomes.