Learning Academy at Bloomfield

Our Piece of the Pie and Bloomfield Public Schools (BPS) opened the Learning Academy at Bloomfield (LAB) in September of 2012, combining the rigor of Bloomfield’s education and OPP’s proven youth development principle. The school is a small, academically rigorous diploma-granting high school; governance is shared equally between the school system and OPP. The primary goal is to prepare youth for college and/or career. LAB combines the unique characteristics of Our Piece of the Pie’s college and career readiness mission and proven action plan with the academic requirements of Bloomfield Public Schools in a school/work setting that functions as a high-quality blended learning environment with the real-world requirements of a job and career.

The educational design is based on Blended Learning, a combination of an individualized and personalized online learning with a Workshop Classroom using Project-Based Learning.


Learning Academy at Bloomfield is for youth who:

  • Bloomfield Residents
  • Are 18 years old or younger
  • Been in high school at least 1+ years
  • Not enough credits for their age appropriate grade
  • Motivated to get a high school diploma

If interested in enrollment, please contact Bloomfield Public Schools at 860-769-4200