Pathways to Careers Initiative

OPP has developed an innovative pipeline program for youth to complete postsecondary programs and land jobs in in-demand industries.

Combining the need for more skilled workers and the need for more supportive postsecondary environments, Our Piece of the Pie built the Pathways to Careers Initiative in 2012. Components of the Pathways to Careers Initiative (PCI) include:

OPP partners with credentialed programs to provide students with the skills that they will need to make themselves competitive in emerging industries. OPP’s staff is on campus and in our center, involved with a youth’s progression, from transportation, childcare referrals, course selection, internship placements, and job searches — OPP is there.

OPP supports youth as they enroll in and complete a postsecondary program and attain a high-demand, well-paying job in the following industries:

Entry-level positions earn ~$35,000, and in Hartford, Connecticut, a city where the per capita income is only $17,000, this program makes an enormous impact.

Today’s workforce is a challenging one. With OPP’s support, more than 120 youth are in or completing the PCI program, receiving the access and opportunity they need to succeed in this challenging workforce.