OPPortunity Academy Hartford

The mission of OPPortunity Academy Hartford (OA) is to re-engage over-age, under-credited (OU) students in education, supporting them through mastery of the critical skills necessary for success in college, career, and community.

An “alternative” school for disconnected and disengaged students, OA re-engages youth in their education and their futures. Facing barriers and obstacles every day, these students don’t dare to dream. They have struggled in their past educational programs and come with low self-esteem and a lack of exposure beyond the poverty and crime-ridden streets of their neighborhoods. OA helps them to not only think about the future, but also set goals and make concrete plans to achieve their dreams.

Integrating technology, project-based learning and extended learning time, academics are anchored by student supports including youth development and postsecondary prep to holistically support students in achieving their goals and dreams. The relationship-centered program helps youth develop the vital self-efficacy skills needed to become successful adults.

An important component is exposing students to new ideas and experiences beyond their neighborhoods to expand their world view and open their minds to new vistas.

With a value of “always forward, never back” OA uses mastery-based progression vs “time in seat” allowing students to earn credits at an accelerated pace combining technology and classroom teaching in an innovative model supporting OU student’s specific needs.