Crisis Appeal

Dear Friends of OPP,
Together we are facing unprecedented times of crisis and need. The COVID-19 crisis is adversely impacting the lives of youth who depend on OPP for intense support in navigating through the day to day stresses and obstacles in their lives.
These are extraordinary times. For many of our youth, OPP serves as their family and forever home. Many were already living on the brink in extremely vulnerable circumstances that now have only become more complicated and utterly dangerous. The COVID-19 crisis is creating real isolation for youth, loss of income and stressing families all around. Help us to ensure that youth don’t lose contact with their vital support network that OPP provides in this time of greater need.

Your gift will make an immediate impact:

Basic Needs of Youth

One of our youth, a young mom, has been homeless since March and the baby is due in May. OPP is currently working to help her move into permanent housing and continue to work remotely so that she can continue to earn and learn. Despite these obstacles she hasn’t missed a single shift of her remote internship and with support from OPP tutors, is completing her education and making plans for her family’s future.
Together we can provide critical support including items like emergency groceries, baby formula and diapers, personal hygiene products, care packages and other emergency needs during this crisis. Your donation makes it possible for OPP to continue providing support services remotely, access to the internet for academic work and job searches.

Support Basic Needs

Keeping Youth Connected

Imagine that your only connection to a supportive adult in the outside community right now is your Youth Development Specialist at OPP. Think about the youth released from incarceration into this crisis who finds himself homeless with no phone, income or family connection.
This is the reality for many of our foster youth who are in congregate care with no technology, connection to relatives or other adults—they are only connected to their OPP Youth Development Specialist (YDS) who is now negotiating access through scheduled phone dates! This is also the reality of our re-entry youth whose YDS found a bed and cell phone to ensure contact and basic needs, thus stemming the danger of violation of parole due to homelessness and potential illegal activity to meet basic needs.
Consider providing general support for Our Piece of the Pie so our staff can be on emergency calls and we can provide youth with the technological tools needed now. OPP continues to deliver services and provide opportunities for youth to Earn and Learn!

Support Youth

During these difficult times, we are not looking for perfection for our youth or team, but rather connection. Help us to stay tightly connected with our youth even though we are physically apart.
Your help can immediately make a difference and provide the sense of security needed now.
Enid M. Rey, CEO
P.S. The stimulus bill that just passed includes new or restored charitable giving incentives. This makes your gift tax-deductible within extent of the law.

April 3rd Update,

Dear OPP Community:

We are taking direction from the State of Connecticut and will continue to work and provide services to our youth remotely until the end of the month—extending this option should it be directed.

Sending wishes to you for peace, health, and safety.

Enid Rey, CEO


To the OPP Community: 

This is a very stressful time for our youth, families, staff and our community.  The current COVID-19 outbreak has many people anxious. OPP takes seriously its responsibility to the youth, families and staff that comprise our OPP community. For the past few weeks, OPP has been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 throughout the United States, following guidance from the CDC and local health authorities, to ensure we have the right plans and resources in place to safeguard all our health and well-being.

OPP moved to authorize staff to work remotely effective Thursday, March 19, 2020. OPP’s two physical locations in Hartford & Windham will be closed to the public until further notice.  Additionally, OPP will continue to operate remotely and on April 3rd, we will assess the situation and formulate next steps.

While safeguarding the health and wellness of our staff & youth is paramount, OPP is also highly committed to continue to support youth financially through this crisis as we know many depend on their internships/stipends for basic survival.  As such, we have devised service specific plans to be able to continue to support youth in Earning & Learning.

It is our expectation that OPP will be able to provide continued, quality services to our youth.  OPP has the procedures and the technology in place to work remotely, when needed. Currently, we expect to continue to actively use technology to communicate and interact with our youth and community partners without interruption. These approaches will be continuously evaluated and decisions will be made on whether to increase or extend current practices.


Resources to Help:

  • Hartford Public Schools is committed to providing meals for students and will be implementing an emergency meal plan beginning today, March 16th, with hot and cold meals available for pick-up. More information can be found here.
  • Foodshare CT, an organization committed to providing access to meals, will still be working across the state to provide groceries to families. Information about their Mobile Foodshare can be found here.
  • If you need additional support please visit 211-CT or text 2-1-1, text “CTCOVID” to 898211 or visit the State’s coronavirus information website at

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Please check back for periodic updates.

To reach us, please contact us by email  and continue using our office number 860.761.7300. Both of these will be checked daily.

Remember, locations are closed but OPP is still open for business as our commitment, services and supports to Hartford’s Youth will continue to be our priority!


Thank you,

Enid M. Rey                                                              Smitesh Davé

CEO                                                                           Chair