Our Youth

Our target population is at-risk urban youth ages 14-24, disengaged from their schools and communities, at risk of dropping out or already drop outs. We work with nearly 1,800 youth each year throughout Central and Eastern Connecticut.

Often, these youth lack the resources to overcome their barriers to success. Perhaps they lack role models in their lives, having no one in their family who’s graduated from high school let alone from college. They may even have experience with the justice system or child welfare, or have experienced homelessness, or they may be young parents themselves — and these are all major barriers to their future achievement.

OPP’s objective is to give these vulnerable youth, our target population, the support and alternative routes to education and employment preparation not currently being delivered.

We prioritize our attention to address the basic human needs of youth in trouble. Our Youth Development Specialists have expertise in different areas and share information weekly on best practices to use in specific situations. From there, you can work with youth to develop meaningful goals and access the support services to achieve them.