Spotlight On Success: Chelsea

Chelsea A, 17, is on track to finish up her high school degree next year before she selects a college to further her studies. In the program, she has always been very willing to get tasks done while maintaining a positive attitude. She has been known to volunteer at every opportunity and has a perfect attendance record. Before joining the program, school wasn’t a top priority for Chelsea and she struggled with a complicated home environment. It wasn’t until she had the opportunity of being a Youth Supervisor on a college tour with the Union Baptist Church that she realized she wanted to go to college. This program has really helped Chelsea find the potential inside herself. She has become extremely independent and motivated. She puts in the effort at school to make certain her grades continue to improve. As part of her role working with the Police Athletic League, she mentored and lead children in the right direction. This helped her to realize the potential she has to become a teacher. Because of how well Chelsea has performed in this program, next year she will be coming back as a Youth Ambassador. She has become extremely ambitious in pursuit of new opportunities that will move her forward and is very dedicated to becoming a successful adult. Her YDS, Chanel Wright, said, “Chelsea has found herself through HYSC and is on a path for success. The sky is definitely not the limit for her, it is only the beginning; LIFT-OFF!”