“Without OPP, right now I would probably be just hanging out in the streets.  If I weren’t in the Youth Service Corps, I would be doing some stupid things right now. I like working with my hands, I like moving around, and I like working. It keeps me focused on things that I should be focused on.”

“Now I started with OPP this summer, I see and I realize the stuff I was doing is not good for me at all. It’s not gonna help me. So now my old friends and I are just looking at life in different ways.”

“I can say that this experience has actually made me realize how much responsibility I really have and when I was hanging out, I had no responsibilities. Everything was just about having fun. Now I see the bigger picture and see there’s more to life than I thought there really was.”
-Andy, Youth Service Corps #humansofOPP #givingtuesday #Hartford#youthfirst #leadership

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