Youth Highlight: Taha

“I’m so ready to prove myself worthy.”

Can passion turn a life around?

Taha (left) was bullied in school. So he skipped it and hung out on the streets, instead.

He was held back. His grades were poor. “I was just trouble,” Taha says. “I had to make a change.”

Then he took a music class. Taha fell in love. “Music had always been on my side whenever I felt bad. It kept me calm.”

He desperately needed more structure, though. That’s when he found OPP. “They saw I was into music and taught me the ropes.”

Music was the focus he needed. And OPP gave him the opportunity to learn about the music business at their Hartford youth center.

“I really wanted to do it for myself. I wanted to show myself that I can do something one day.”

Taha is now a senior at Southern Connecticut State University. He’s studying music and communications.

He founded the school’s first Studio Club, where he shares his love of music production with other students. “I’m going to graduate with a degree, and hopefully go back for another one.”

But he hasn’t forgotten how OPP changed his life. “I would love to be part of a music program for kids. I could do for the m what OPP did for me.”