OPP in the Community

OPP develops a relationship with each youth, ensuring that a youth builds long-term goals and is well-supported to attain these goals.

OPP in the Community is a youth center-based program, where youth in the region can meet with their Youth Development Specialist (YDS) any time that the center is open. OPP delivers an individualized & effective combination of three fields of best practices in Youth Development, Academics, and Job Readiness. See more about these three pillars.

OPP in the Community is located in two regions in Connecticut, serving 800+ youth each year.

OPP works with youth as they attain these ultimate goals:

Post-secondary Credential

Meaningful Employment

What makes OPP in the Community different from other programs?

  • We work with an extended age range. More organizations work with youth until they're 18; OPP continues working with youth through age 24 to provide the needed support during a challenging time between high school and economic independence.
  • A youth's path to their long-term goals is flexible. It can be updated anytime depending on circumstances of overall change in goal.
  • We make weekly contact to catch up and adjust services, as needed. Communication is key.
  • Youth stay engaged with OPP for an average of 4.5 years.



Programs include....